Our support services are customized to the operating expectations of each individual plant, with the flexibility to supply resources when, where and at the time they are needed.

Utter personnel bring decades of experience to every aspect of support service we provide to the power generation industry. Our experience includes:
  • Processing waste and by-products produced by coal-fired power plants
  • Troubleshooting services, such as emergency excavation at repair sites
  • High-rise scaffolding construction to meet maintenance and repair needs
  • Carpentry and light construction in support of plant operations
  • Road-building and road surface maintenance
  • Waste water containment and water run-off control
  • Earthworks in support of land-fill operations
  • Land-fill hauling, compaction, grading, resurfacing and top-growth maintenance
  • Maintenance of heavy-duty rolling stock, earthwork and dewatering equipment