Emergency Response

Immediate response to emergency problems often is needed to keep a power plant functioning properly. Utter management and work teams are on call 24/7, every day of the year, ready to assist our customers whenever and wherever an emergency arises.

Utter Construction was requested onsite, at a power station in Northern Kentucky, to perform an emergency exploratory excavation to determine the cause of a recent sinkhole, adjacent to an active ash pond, approximately 15-feet in diameter and 12-feet in depth. After exploratory excavation, it was discovered the cause of the sinkhole was due to a dilapidated 48" storm drain. Due to the pressing matter of the adjacent ash pond, Utter Construction acted quickly to stabilize the sinkhole by installing an 8' diameter tank, modified by removing the ends, to encompass the perimeter. Acting as a coffer dam, we were then able to de-water the sinkhole to proceed with bench excavation. Once the storm drain was exposed, we were then able to abandon the existing pipe with grout and redirect a new storm drain, complete with multiple manholes. The new storm drain discharged into a nearby river, in which Utter Construction installed a new concrete outfall structure.