CCB Operations

We own and maintain all heavy equipment needed to dredge holding ponds, dewater ash residues, and maintain thousands of acres dedicated to land-fill operations. We operate a complete heavy-equipment maintenance facility to service and repair rolling stock, earth-moving machines, dredges and support vehicles.

Moving effluent material through dewatering stages in a timely manner helps a power plant maintain its process equilibrium and its EPA compliance. Utter technicians are expert at moving material through the dewatering process, even when ponding space is limited. We own and operate specialized equipment, such as "long-arm" backhoes with 53 foot reach to efficient remove dewatered pond waste.
Our pond control teams:
  • Build earthen berms that subdivide ponds for more efficient use
  • Design weirs to extract water for treatment and recycling
  • Install high-volume pumps for moving slurries along the dewatering process
  • Perform soundings to measure pond dewatering efficiency

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