Safety is the first consideration in every support service we provide. Necessarily, our services require the use of hazardous fuels, chemicals and solvents. All safety training includes specific coursework in the proper precautionary measures to be taken with each hazard our personnel face. Utter Construction utilizes state-of-the-art OSHA-approved personal protective equipment to ensure safety for all our employees.

Utter Construction features a comprehensive safety manual and safety programs that include weekly personnel meetings on all facets of our support service operation. Assurance of safe practices in accordance with our published safety manual is a number one priority of all Utter Construction supervisory personnel.

Strict, enforced rules of operation govern all rolling stock, heavy equipment operations, equipment maintenance and support services offered by Utter Construction. All of our operations meet or exceed OSHA standards. Our safety directors continually conduct in-house and on-site training on safety in the content of efficiency and superior service.

Our emphasis on safety helps us build on an impressive record of injury-free days of operation across the entire spectrum of services offered by Utter Construction.

Culture & Best Practices

Power plants and earthwork sites require rigid adherence to environmental regulations. Utter Power Plant & Earthwork Services meet or exceed environmental compliance by:

  • Maintaining dust-controlled roadways during all hauling activities
  • Keeping land-fill run-off contained and channeled for treatment
  • Handling all solvents and chemicals responsibly