Company News

Utter Construction is awarded the GE Ecomagination Leadership Award & the Duke Energy Health and Safety Award of Excellence

GE Ecomagination AwardIn 2008, GE awarded Utter Construction with their Ecomagination Leadership Award, which recognized our achievements for a job well done toward the environment.  The Ecomagination Award is a leadership award which honors sales representative and their customers for the top 1% successful projects that strike a positive balance between today's environmental, industrial and sustainability.  
Duke Energy AwardIn 2009, Duke Energy awarded Utter Construction with their Health and Safety Award of Excellence, recognizing Utter Construction's total company performance, ranging from safety, field operations and home office operations.  In order to qualify for this award, Utter Construction maintained ZERO lost time, ZERO total incident case rate and ZERO drug testing incidents. 
In 2016, Duke awarded Utter Construction to recognize their outstanding Event-Free Performance.